Watch the new Quarantine-Themed ‘Together in One Place’ Music Video, Starring Leanne Borghesi

July 9, 2020

July 9, 2020 Click here to watch at

The light-hearted, showtune-style number pays homage to both performers and audiences missing the stage.

Check out cabaret star Leanne Borghesi singing “Together in One Place,” a light-hearted tribute to performers and the audience, above. The music video features Borghesi as a lonely chanteuse wondering how to create art during quarantine—beyond singing to her kitchen appliances.

The song is written by composer Dana P. Rowe (The Witches of Eastwick) and lyricist Nathan Cann. “We really are in unparalleled times in the performing arts,” said Row. “It was critical that we find the right balance of humor, spirit, and humanity that would uncover the many dimensions of what it means for more conventional live performances to be on an indefinite intermission.”

Borghesi in “Together in One Place” music video.

Both the songwriting and video production for “Together in One Place” grew out of real-life creative challenges for the entire team. Nicolas Minas directed from New York City, with cinematography by Kristen Meloche in Arizona, and on-location crew support from Sharon Boggs in California.

“We were feeling cut off from the joy of bringing art into the world and from each other,” said Borghesi. “So, we decided to start from scratch. The project took on a ‘let’s put on a show’ momentum all its own.”

Rowe and Cann are currently at work on The Hills, an original musical comedy.

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